Dookie Cookies

“How nasty” you might say. Poop cookies? Get over it and mix a batch of this batter, then tell me these don’t look like poop (but taste like… well, peanut butter cookies). Dookie… Continue reading

Friday night mat farming

My Friday night shenanigans landed me in four different eateries and a gas station between dusk and dawn. Among McFuckyuck’s, Taco Bell, a local 24 hour diner, and IHOP, there were enough packets to sustain… Continue reading

Ketchup Bisque

I’m going to kick this off by saying that ketchup soup tastes NOTHING like tomato soup, and trying it made my face do all sorts of awful cartoon-like things. The vinegar in ketchup… Continue reading

She’s doing WHAT?!

Maybe the ability to burn water is an omen for things to come, and maybe someone who doesn’t own an oven mitt shouldn’t be doling out recipes to the public. But hey, we… Continue reading