Best French Toast Ever

Is your french toast lackluster, boring, or even worse… forgettable? Fear not, for I have a solution. “Is she going to say creamer again?” Yes. I made a small batch using Irish cream… Continue reading

Apples & Honey

Happy 5771 to all my tribesfolk! It’s one of several annual opportunities for me to show the world what a bad Jew looks like. Not only am I skipping services again this year,… Continue reading

Condiment-Fu: 3 Techniques for Salad Bars

This past weekend I made the short but scenic schlep to Horrorfind, where my liver met it’s Waterloo. Somewhere between the acrobatics of physically dodging ex-boyfriends (it was a frickin’ hive of them),… Continue reading

Whatato Soup

Potatoes + whatever = whatato? Potever? It’s a soup, it’s thick, and you can add pretty much anything to it and the result will be delicious. Call it what you want. Potatoes usually… Continue reading

Skull crayons

I’m having a crappy day and don’t feel like cooking, so here are some skull crayons made from a melted down 4-pack that came with a Popeye’s kids meal. I’m going back to… Continue reading

Fortune Cookies

The perfect way to send passive aggressive messages, liven up drinking games, or add a yummy twist to key parties. If you aren’t into any of that, I guess birthday wishes, love notes, affirmations, etc.… Continue reading

Butter-fried Saltines

..or “heart attack crackers” if you prefer. They go by several names; “ice water crackers” being the most recognizable. If I ever had a party that warranted canapés, I’d make them with these. So salty…… Continue reading

Faple candy

Faple = faux maple. Get it? Lulz. This actually tastes a lot more like toffee than maple syrup. After my ritual wake-up-and-stick-my-face-in-the-fridge, all I could make out through squinty eyes was an ancient… Continue reading


I’ve used the term “favorite mistake” before, but only while tossing around ideas on what to name my future children. I screwed up this morning, and it was delicious. The hidden benefit of… Continue reading

Meringue fail.

As promised, Saturday night was spent scavenging flavored creamers and attempting meringue cookies. Sadly, we never got past the beating of egg whites.  We even consulted the Google oracle to see what we… Continue reading