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Hot Honey

I can point a lot of fingers when it comes to  my warped sense of how people start relationships, but lets not play the blame game 90210/Hey Dude/Saved By the Bell/pretty-much-all-teen-fiction-of-the-90’s.  Teenage girls… Continue reading

Salad Kabobs

2008 was a really crappy year for me.  While most of my friends were experimenting with illegitimate kids, stretching their trust fund dollar, and third tries at community college, I was coping with… Continue reading

Elvis Pudding

The results of my annual physical? I have the cholesterol issues of a person raised in the back room of  a McDonald’s. There’s no point in my pretending to be shocked and/or appalled… Continue reading

Wasabi Mayo

My Transylvanian grandmother is a resourceful old broad. She reuses almost every container that crosses her path, packing them with ambiguous foodstuffs and neglecting to remove the original labels. If she hadn’t always… Continue reading