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Hot Honey

I can point a lot of fingers when it comes to  my warped sense of how people start relationships, but lets not play the blame game 90210/Hey Dude/Saved By the Bell/pretty-much-all-teen-fiction-of-the-90’s.  Teenage girls… Continue reading


Salad Kabobs

2008 was a really crappy year for me.  While most of my friends were experimenting with illegitimate kids, stretching their trust fund dollar, and third tries at community college, I was coping with… Continue reading


Elvis Pudding

The results of my annual physical? I have the cholesterol issues of a person raised in the back room of  a McDonald’s. There’s no point in my pretending to be shocked and/or appalled… Continue reading


Wasabi Mayo

My Transylvanian grandmother is a resourceful old broad. She reuses almost every container that crosses her path, packing them with ambiguous foodstuffs and neglecting to remove the original labels. If she hadn’t always… Continue reading


Jacked-up Honey BBQ Sauce

I’v never had a good idea of what’s normal and what isn’t in terms of… well, anything, but I suspect there’s some semblance of normality in wanting to purge your belongings and join… Continue reading


Snow Ice Cream

In case you haven’t heard, people in the DC area forgot how to drive Wednesday night. All of them, all at once.  Being a native, I’m more or less at peace with the… Continue reading


Fried Jalapeños

Back in the days before I knew anything about personal limits, I was a waitress at a certain chain restaurant that was known for it’s servers’ “flair” pieces. A job where employees can wear… Continue reading


Spanish Rice Pilaf

I’ve been avoiding this recipe since the beginning because I think it’s a cop-out; pouring sauce on something isn’t really post-worthy. If one more person gets all glassy-eyed and says “OMG… how about… Continue reading


Popovers. That’s right.

Y’know that point where your fridge contains no more than a melange of condiments and an ancient jar of pickles? That’s where I’m at, and it’s great.  The lack of “real food” distraction… Continue reading


Mushrooms a la Papa

I may have made the blacklist at my local Papa John’s for including 70 packets of their special seasoning, 8 tubs of garlic sauce, 2 ramekins of jalapeño slices,  and extra banana peppers with my small… Continue reading

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