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Hotel ‘errbody.

In yet another odd twist of fate, I’ve ended up living in a federal office park in Denver for ten days.  Well, at a hotel in said office park;  the people in my… Continue reading

Found: Dried Cranberries

Good news! If you want to make those cranberry-orange scones I talked about awhile back,  you don’t need to gank anyone’s holiday garland for ingredients anymore. The salad bar at Harris Teeter has… Continue reading


Who has two thumbs and is the caboose on the pumpkin train? This girl. I’m way behind on this one, so stop reading and go to any strip mall parking lot that had… Continue reading

A wild salsa appears!

… but is it super effective? Since when is this a thing?

What now?

It’s pumpkin coffee season! Being a resourceful gal, I decided to save the remaining few dollars on my Starbucks gift card for a true emergency (whatever a coffee emergency might look like) and… Continue reading

Condiment-Fu: 3 Techniques for Salad Bars

This past weekend I made the short but scenic schlep to Horrorfind, where my liver met it’s Waterloo. Somewhere between the acrobatics of physically dodging ex-boyfriends (it was a frickin’ hive of them),… Continue reading

Friday night mat farming

My Friday night shenanigans landed me in four different eateries and a gas station between dusk and dawn. Among McFuckyuck’s, Taco Bell, a local 24 hour diner, and IHOP, there were enough packets to sustain… Continue reading