Aaaand we’re back.

My dearest condiment blog, Oh, how I’ve missed you. When “real” food suddenly became affordable last May, I tried to keep you alive with feeble and half-assed posts. I was wrong – you deserve so much more than that. There is a heap of drafts that have been sitting in the queue for a year because they simply weren’t good enoguh for you, and I was determined to make the best you could be. Y’know what though? Your time has come and I’m going to make things right. I’ve started with a makeover. Way less Geocities, right? Welcome to this decade, baby. I’ll clean out the draft queue, give you better pictures,  take down the posts that were a waste of space, and edit every post to get rid of those grammatical errors that make everyone’s guts itch. It’ll be awesome. You’ll see.