Cranky, hungry, uninspired.

Let the record show that I am not dead or abandoning the project, just impossibly crabby about these dietary restrictions. Minimal gluten, no more cooking with entire sticks of butter, I’ve become a humorless bitch about it all. The only things keeping my head from spinning Linda Blair style are McF-yuck’s 150 calorie ice cream cones and Wrigley’s dessert gum. Seriously, this gum is some Willy Wonka-style insanity. For the first few minutes, you’re in absolute heaven while masticating  a stick of key lime, strawberry shortcake, or mint chocolate chip. Then, out of nowhere, it tastes like a bathroom wall at South of the Border (it was a weird summer).

To keep this post relevant to free/dirt cheap food, I point you in the general direction of  online  coupons for a free pack.

There are a few posts in the queue, maybe  I’ll muster the giveash*t to finish them this week.