The Grocery Fairy

Time flies; I hadn’t realized that it had been a month since the last posting. The truth is that the Grocery Fairy has been kind to me this month; in other words, when you see a lot of postings… I haven’t seen either of my parents lately.

Like good parents of people who aren’t where they thought they’d be by a certain age, my folks are always eager to help. They seem blissfully deluded about this project, thinking it’s one of my screwy-yet-entertaining-because-nobody-gets-hurt-or-calls-the-police endeavors, not realizing it’s out of necessity. So when they stock my barren fridge, I really have no motivation to come up with new recipes for the blog. I’m definitely not complaining about eating real food rather than sucking down enough preservatives to keep my body intact for a hundred years postmortem, but sometimes I miss working on this.