Monthly Archive: December, 2010

Mushrooms a la Papa

I may have made the blacklist at my local Papa John’s for including 70 packets of their special seasoning, 8 tubs of garlic sauce, 2 ramekins of jalapeño slices,  and extra banana peppers with my small… Continue reading

Home-made Italian Bread Crumbs

Croutons (free at the salad bar) or saltines (free with soup or salad) and a packet of Papa John’s Special Seasoning zapped in the blender. This will be relevant in the near future.… Continue reading

The Grocery Fairy

Time flies; I hadn’t realized that it had been a month since the last posting. The truth is that the Grocery Fairy has been kind to me this month; in other words, when… Continue reading

Coffee Bar Icing*

Happy December!  Being a hardcore recessionista who is baking her holiday gifts this year, I’ve been cankle-deep in cookies for the past week.  Is it kinda sad that I’m baking for my WoW friends… Continue reading