Monthly Archive: November, 2010


I wasn’t going to break my own rule of 2 non-condiments per recipe, but didn’t really have a choice after bouncing the scone concept off my mom. That pensive “is she serious“-flavored silence… Continue reading

Synethesia Spoon Candy

If you already know what Synesthesia is, you’re probably wondering if I do too based on it’s use in the post title. In a nutshell, Synthesia is the involuntary triggering of one sense… Continue reading

Baked Mini-Pumpkins

November 1st used to be exclusively for rummaging though discount bins at Halloween stores for bulk quantities fifty cent fishnets. By 10am I’d be fully stocked for another year of mosh pit-ready legwear… Continue reading

Parmesan Crisps/Cups (or “That Girl’s Apartment Smells Like Fried Cheese”)

Did you know that packeted parmesan tastes like fish? True story. There’s something about the little N’joy envelopes of cheese I’ve been pinching from Costco’s food court that smacks of burnt salmon skin.… Continue reading


Who has two thumbs and is the caboose on the pumpkin train? This girl. I’m way behind on this one, so stop reading and go to any strip mall parking lot that had… Continue reading