What now?

It’s pumpkin coffee season! Being a resourceful gal, I decided to save the remaining few dollars on my Starbucks gift card for a true emergency (whatever a coffee emergency might look like) and try to find something pumpkiny at 7-11.  Lo and behold… pumpkin spice creamer is in season! Oh, International Delight, if only your internet presence person would stumble upon my humble blog and see the repeat praises of your fine chemical water, then send me a huge case of products to futz around with. *sigh*

Back on Earth at a 7-11 in Northern Virginia, expletives were uttered, sticky paws flew, and the few remaining tubs were shuffled into my bag.  In my grab-ass frenzy, I hardly realized that I was not alone. A voice piped up from across the coffee bar “y’think it would kill ’em to make some coffee”. A feisty blonde and her teenage companion were observing the two (out of eight) coffee pots that had anything in them.  Although temporarily stunned by her conversational engagement while I was “working”, we ended up having a short but entertaining dialog about creamer. Before I knew it, she was making anti-establishment proclamations while shoveling (with two hands) creamers into my bag while her companion didn’t quite know whether or not to help, laugh, or slink away. Had I not felt an urgency to get the bulging plastic bag to my car, more time would have been spent with this fine specimen of a woman.  I wrote down the URL for this project, so hopefully she’ll find her way here at some point and receive proper praise for her contribution to the cause.  Until then, I shall call her Unknown Blonde. Unknown Blonde, you effin’ rock.

In addition to the uplifting sense of camaraderie,  this experience got me to thinking about promotion. I wanted to beef up the blog and have t least 20-30 good posts before starting to promote and get the project out “there”; is it ready? My pictures still suck, there is a lot of flailing going on in the kitchen (though that’s part of the fun), I haven’t picked a charity to work with, and so on.  Even if I thought/was told it’s ready, there’s the whole physical promotion thing. It’s those cards and promotional items that have me scratching my head. So far my only (good) idea involves printing up business cards with a single-condiment recipe on the back and basic project info on the front, then attaching the necessary condiment to the card via glue dot or something.

(Helpful) ideas of all kinds are certainly welcome.

Check out this amazing haul that Unknown Blonde facilitated!

Mmmmmm pumpkin spice French toast. Lawdy.