Honey Butter

I subscribe to the theory of men wanting either food, sex, or sleep at any given time.  One of these factors in practice is enough to temporarily keep a man’s attention, but two in tandem transforms a girl into a porch light and the object of her affection into a moth. Gents, think about the last time you really truly wanted something besides one of the mentioned desires. Money doesn’t count, because money is a vehicle for two of the three.  Ladies, consider your past persuasive efforts and evaluate your most effective tactics. Did they involve at least one of the three? Thought so. Today, I will teach you one of the many ways to stir the fire in his loins via food. You shall seduce him with free condiment packets; more specifically, honey and butter.

This is no ordinary butter… oh no. This is honey butter, the spreadable magic that was too hot for Home Economics. Maybe you’ve sampled it’s subtle sweetness at a restaurant with cornbread or rolls (you probably asked for extra), or heard it’s name whispered longingly at dinner parties. Yes, it’s that good.  It’s impossible to screw up… but be warned: with great butter comes great responsibility.

Sure, you can buy it pre-made, but where is the “taste this glorious thing I made for you” in that?

Honey Butter

3 parts butter (softened at room temperature)

1 part honey

  • In a bowl, mash the butter around with a fork until it is smooth and creamy
  • Fold honey into the butter and gently mix until thoroughly blended
  • Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled

For a more dessert-y butter, fold in some ground cinnamon (easily pilfered from 7-11’s coffee bar… bring your own container)

Serve with caution; your guests might soil themselves in a fit of butter-induced ecstasy.

This stuff is hard as hell to photograph. :/

Oh… and I found some divine creature on the interwebs who made cornbread cupcakes and frosted them with honey butter. Could you just die?!