Monthly Archive: September, 2010

What now?

It’s pumpkin coffee season! Being a resourceful gal, I decided to save the remaining few dollars on my Starbucks gift card for a true emergency (whatever a coffee emergency might look like) and… Continue reading

Honey Butter

I subscribe to the theory of men wanting either food, sex, or sleep at any given time. ¬†One of these factors in practice is enough to temporarily keep a man’s¬†attention, but two in… Continue reading


Over the past 29.5 years, I’ve done all sorts of interesting stuff. Between working in an adult boutique (martial aides on commission = worst job in the world), to scouring Nushagak Bay, Alaska… Continue reading

Deviled Eggs

I started writing this two days ago, right before eating seven eggs in about half an hour. The time since has been spent in a nauseous state of self loathing and avoidance of… Continue reading

Buffalo Fries

The taste of buffalo sauce makes me think of a more innocent time; a time where my ex-bestie and I would perch ourselves on bar stools that were way too small for our… Continue reading

Best French Toast Ever

Is your french toast lackluster, boring, or even worse… forgettable? Fear not, for I have a solution. “Is she going to say creamer again?” Yes. I made a small batch using Irish cream… Continue reading

Apples & Honey

Happy 5771 to all my tribesfolk! It’s one of several annual opportunities for me to show the world what a bad Jew looks like. Not only am I skipping services again this year,… Continue reading

Condiment-Fu: 3 Techniques for Salad Bars

This past weekend I made the short but scenic schlep to Horrorfind, where my liver met it’s Waterloo. Somewhere between the acrobatics of physically dodging ex-boyfriends (it was a frickin’ hive of them),… Continue reading

Whatato Soup

Potatoes + whatever = whatato? Potever? It’s a soup, it’s thick, and you can add pretty much anything to it and the result will be delicious. Call it what you want. Potatoes usually… Continue reading

Skull crayons

I’m having a crappy day and don’t feel like cooking, so here are some skull crayons made from a melted down 4-pack that came with a Popeye’s kids meal. I’m going back to… Continue reading